Friday, February 12, 2010

What A Father! (part 2)

I was thinking about the logic (?) behind an ex-classmate thanking a god for putting her husband through months of a painful, debilitating illness before killing him in his 40's.  Since the bible is fond of parables and allegories, maybe I should try one....

A 2-year old child, Joanie, is abducted by a kindly, graying man.  This child is taken to the man's house, where there are many other residents, some of whom were also abducted, others joined the household willingly.  As time goes on, the Joanie comes to accept this man as Father.  Father provides as well as he can for all in the household, making the effort that all have enough to eat.  He does not succeed all the time, but the family members all thank Father whenever they get anything.

As this 2-year old grows up, other youngsters are brought into the family.  All are instructed to worship Father, just like Joanie was.  One day, seemingly for no reason, Father comes along and takes one of the young girl's "sisters" by the hand, stating that they are going for a walk out back.  Neither little girl questions why Father is carrying a shotgun and a shovel.  The little sister walks away with Father.  A short while later, a bang is heard, and Father comes back alone.  When one of Joanie's little "brothers" asks Mary why Father took their "sister" away, never to be seen again, all Joanie can answer is "nobody can know what is behind Father's great plan."


As I think about Joanie in the story above, some words come to mind.... "brainwashed", "insane", maybe even "confused".  When I think of Father, "INSANE", "megalomaniac", "murderer" come to mind.  How is that different from the god my ex-classmate worships?

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