Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Forget Dirty Dancing... That's Dirty Pool.

Yet another example of somebody who reads a book, maybe hears somebody discuss that book, and decides that HIS interpretation of the words in that book trump everything else in a civilized society.

Courtesy of Dvorak Uncensored, we hear of a religious fanatic who decided that people should not touch while dancing.  Now, if this guy decided that it was a sin to do that, and he chose to not touch his dancing partner, that would be cool.  A personal decision made by an individual - happens all the time.  BUT NOOOOOOO (sorry, Mr. Belushi), he decides that not only would it be a sin for him, but for EVERYBODY.

So, he grabs a stun gun, picks up a freaking sledge hammer (what it the world do you think he needed a sledge hammer for?), makes an appointment with a dance instructor, and zaps the crap out of the instructor.  According to the Wisconsin State Journal, the whack-job went to the instructor's home and zapped him to "scare the instructor 'and tell him to leave the women alone.'"  Nothing about the instructor dancing (or touching!) his wife, nor any of his fellow congregation members.  The instructor just did something the radical religious fanatic did not approve of ("his church does not condone touching while dancing,"), so he took the law into his own hands.

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