Wednesday, February 3, 2010

What Did I Say About "Repression of Others"?

In the first post on NoYourGod (In The Beginning) I stated a pretty simple idea - people should be free to believe and practice whatever they wish to... as long is it does not promote repression of others.  A pretty simple idea, really.  I mean, if you want to believe a magical man with a beard snapped his fingers over 7 days to create all we see, then fine!  If your neighbor wants to believe that the world was created by a Jolly Green Giant sneeze (which would explain all the green in the world...), fine for him/her, too!  As long as you do not wish to repress those who do not share your beliefs, nor those who are not like you, by all means enjoy your beliefs and your life.

However.... HOWEVER...  if you have the gall to cross that line and declare that those who are not like you should be PUNISHED, your beliefs have morphed from religious to hate group.

Case in point:  Peter Sprigg, representing the Family Research Council (FRC on Wikipedia), stated very clearly that "we should outlaw gay behavior".  If outlawing consensual acts between two adults, acts that Mr. Sprigg could perform with his wife, is not oppression, I don't know what it.

See Andrew Sullivan's blog (Daily Dish) and FireDogLake (FDL) for more details, and the troubling video of that bigot.

The amazing thing about this?  If a governmental entity placing a Christian nativity scene on public property while disallowing any other display, and anyone DARES question that display on Constitutional grounds, Christians are lightning fast to declare "OPPRESSION!!!".  But jailing a man who grabs another's genitalia, or a woman kisses another woman's genitalia, that is justice to those hypocrites.

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