Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Blogs of Interest

I read a fair number of blogs courtesy of Google's Reader.  Some have to do with general news, other fall more into the political realm, quite a few comics, and a number of blogs related to religion.  Some of those religious blogs are also concerned with basic science issues, while others discuss the social ramifications of religious and non-religious beliefs.

The religious and atheist blogs/sites I find most interesting are:
Friendly Atheist (http://friendlyatheist.com/) - Takes a "can't we all get along" view of religious beliefs, but is very very critical of those of any sect (and the sectless) who try to impose their will on others.  In addition, Friendly Atheist answers the tough questions from readers about how to handle "coming out" in a religious family.

STFU, Believers (http://stfubelievers.tumblr.com/) - As subtle as a Mack truck, just as the name implies, and very straightforward in his criticism.  Can be very fun and funny to read.

Pharyngula (http://scienceblogs.com/pharyngula/) - Dr. PZ Myers' brilliant science and anti-religion blog.  STFU, Believers may make statements that offend, but PZ takes action.  Did I mention his brilliance, yet?

BadAstronomy (http://blogs.discovermagazine.com/badastronomy/) - Another brilliant person, Dr. Phil Plait, who has worked for NASA, written some very interesting books (check out "Death from the Skies"), and has been blogging for many years.  His blog has less to do with religion than science, and was started to offset poor/bad examples and uses of science in TV, movies, and the news.  Dr. Plait touches on religious issues mainly when they center around extreme stupidity, such as faith healing, and parents letting their young children die because they thought their god would magically save the child.

Richard Dawkins (http://richarddawkins.net/) - Dr. Richard Dawkins may be the most notable atheist around. Besides his impressive scientific work, he has taken on religious fanatics harder than anybody I've ever heard of.  My one regret concerning Dr. Dawkins?  I've not yet finished reading "The God Delusion" (time to put down the latest Dune book, and finish TGD).

Unreasonable Faith (http://unreasonablefaith.com/) - This is another blog that tends to not be outrageously confrontational, but will become confrontational if the situation requires it (I did enjoy his shots at Pat Robertson's take on Haiti).  Great posts, and great posts with links to other sites.

Paliban Daily (http://www.palibandaily.com/) - This site takes on the folks Andrew Sullivan refers to as "christianists" - or those that would use Christianity as a weapon just as the islamists use Islam.  A good place to keep up on lurking dangers.

Jesus and Mo (http://www.jesusandmo.net/) - A comic that is guaranteed to offend Christians, Muslims, and occasionally Jews (Moses joins J&M occasionally).  J&M discuss situations from their own little cocoon, with only their wise bartender to try to keep them centered in reality.

Atheist Eve (http://www.atheist-community.org/atheisteve/) - A monthly comic that pokes fun at foolish religious thought.

Reading any of the above will get you a "oooohhh, yer goin' ter hell for that one!"

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