Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Good Landscaper

A while ago I wrote of bible literalists and how I have a better grasp of where they are coming from, courtesy of a discussion with a literalist (he proclaimed "God was able to create the cosmos, the Earth, and man... Don't you think He could find a good publisher?").

Today, while reading Unreasonable Faith, a reference to fossil records (and how they conflict with creationism) was made.  Rather than think about how fossil records might debunk the idea of the earth being 6,000-8,500 years old, some declare a bogeyman is the source of the conflict: "some Christians do this with the fossil record (”Satan put the fossils there to confuse us!”)"

It occurred to me as I read that sentence - if "a good publisher" is all that is needed to create a literal bible, shouldn't that same all-powerful god be able to find a good landscaper to take care of those pesky fossils?

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