Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Tim Tebow Disappointment

No, I am not jumping on the bandwagon to decry "he'll never be an NFL QB!"  I think he will find a productive place in the NFL.

I am not disappointed in Mr. Tebow for his declared faith, nor his putting biblical verses on his face during games.  There's nothing to be disappointed in with those actions - they are simply a man who has beliefs expressing them.


The disappointment stems from his most recent associations, and the lack of compassion those associations show.  Tim Tebow has been held up as a shining light as "One of the Really Good Guys", the kind of person you would be happy to know or even meet.  Always helping others, always trying harder to improve himself and the lives of those around him... But then he goes and associates with a known hate group, Focus on the Family.  FotF claims to be a Christian organization, but in reality they are bigoted bible thumpers who believe they and their kind are the only people entitled to full rights, want the United States to accept the Bible as part of the government - abolishing the separation of church and state.  According to FotF - if you are gay, you are sick and perverted; if you do not believe in their particular flavor of Christianity, you are a heathen/sub-human;  if you question their actions, you are "anti-christian" (as opposed to being pro-Constitution).  FotF falls squarely into the realm of scary, scary fundamentalists. 

So Tim Tebow has decided to thrown his hat into the ring with christian bigots.  The same folks who spun off the Family Research Council, who just stated that gays should be jailed just for being what they are.  And he is willing to be a part of wasting $3 MILLION that could be used otherwise.  ({sigh} again)

Damn shame - I always thought he was such a nice young man.

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