Monday, February 8, 2010

Divine Intervention ?!?

So, at the recent Teabagger convention, priestess Sarah Palin stated "It would be wise of us to start seeking some divine intervention in this country again..."  Sorry, ma'am... the "Hairspray" star died in 1988, so won't be able to come to your aid.

But seriously - haven't we had enough "divine intervention" over the past 10 years already?  We had fanatics working towards their interpretation of their god's wishes fly four jets into three buildings and the ground in 2001.  We had a number of doctors murdered because some fools interpreted their divine inspiration as meaning "get a high-powered rifle with a good scope and fire at will (even if it means taking out a husband in front of his wife in their kitchen)".  We've had a decider in chief follow his insipid divine inspiration to intervene in the Middle East, starting a war in Iraq.

How many bombings and acts of retribution can be attributable to divine intervention in Israel and Lebanon?  Is Salman Rushdie still under a fatwa courtesy of fanatics intervening into literary affairs, inspired by their flavor of a divinity?  And those same Teabaggers - how many of them feel President Obama is their version of satan, and will any be evil enough to intervene via violence based on their delusional beliefs of divinity's words?

Ex-governor Palin - we do not need any more "divine intervention", and your call-out to your fanatical base was, if I may say, an astoundingly retarded act.

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