Thursday, February 18, 2010

What Do They Have Against Gays?

What is it with the religious right and their absolute hatred of gays?  Not only do they push their hatred here in the U.S., but they also export it?

The fiasco of Uganda's recent "we can execute you if you are gay" bill, which was put together with the assistance of notable US pastors has been big news over the past few weeks.  That bill would allow anybody who is gay to be jailed and anybody who has AIDS to be executed..  But you know what - even straights are subject to execution - if they know one of those dreaded gays!

Seriously - if a person (regardless of sexuality) does NOT turn in a person whom they know is gay, they can go to jail.  If they know two gays, and are caught not turning in the 2nd, they are subject to execution!

Those whackos need to go read their good book again...

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