Sunday, February 7, 2010

Kidnapping By Any Other Name is Still Kidnapping

So the christianists in Haiti who had the 33 kids in their possession are being charged with kidnapping.  From everything I have read, these folks felt they had the children's best interest at thought.  I feel, though, that they were severely twisted in their "thoughts".

First, check out for some background on the church and folks involved.  (h/t for that link and other references)

Then, consider this hypothetical scenario:  You are raising your kid the best you can.  Sure, you might not have all the niceties in the world, like a 72" TV, a luxury SUV to drive them to soccer practice, or a nanny, but you are doing the best you can.  The problem is - you are raising them as christians.  Why is that a problem?  Because I believe, deep in my heart, that raising children as christians is deeply harmful to them.  Because I believe that you are harming your kids, I am justified in taking them from you - because I believe it is the only way for them to be saved!

What is the difference between christians kidnapping kids to raise them in christian orphanages, and my taking your kids?  Yeah, the kids in Haiti had gone through a hellish situation, but these fanatics ripping them from their parents (some were not orphans) to raise them as the kidnappers saw fit is no different than my coming to your house (the house with the cross hanging on the wall) and stripping them from you.

Please remember - mine is a hypothetical situation.  I do not feel it is right to interfere with the religious upbringing of a child (baring true abuse such as prevention of needed medical attention or sexual or other physical abuse).  These fanatics have no such restraint.

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