Sunday, April 25, 2010

Pass The Loot and Load the Ammunition

This is Pastor Donnie Swaggart, son of Jimmy Swaggart:  "I've got my 45s loaded and polished."  Granted, the guy did not come from the highest quality genetic material (whether you determine quality to mean "ethical, decent human being", or "top-o-the-line huckster"), but this astounds me.

Whatever happened to followers of "the prince of peace"?  (Courtesy of Wikipedia - check out the second line on the page: "...(for) the religious figure, see Jesus.)  This bozo should be preaching about helping your fellow man, being good, acting good, etc.  Instead he proclaims that there is "a philistine in Washington".  Because of his perverted "holy" views, he feels violence may be justified.  After all, he has his guns loaded and polished.

The "man" needs to learn about the country he lives in.  Civilized people really, really need to learn about this country.  If you do not like somebody who is in office, fire them the legal way - by not electing them.  Have they broken laws?  Impeach them.  Don't like who they are working with?  Work to get your folks elected.  But to imply that armed revolution is justified now is simply treasonous.  I hope the Secret Service and FBI have their eyes on Swaggart.

Why is this guy NOT in a psychiatric ward?  If I were to go to a street corner, and start preaching that "there's an alien working in Cosmetics at the Macy's in Newark, the police would whisk me away for an evaluation.  But, because the voices this guy hears in his head are the same voices millions others claim to hear, he is given a pass.

Listen to the whole message if you can.  I did a while back, but could not bring myself to do it again for this post.

And I have mentioned this before, and I will mention it again - Swaggart and his ilk are not the only ones with guns.  I love my country, and I WILL defend its Constitutionally elected government.

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