Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Why did god smite 100k+ Haitians?

Along that same line, why did god smite 100k+ SE Asians around xmas-time a few years back? And why did god steer a hurricane into New Orleans, knowing that the city was so susceptible to flooding?

If I understand correctly, god (at least the Abrahamic version) would command that entire cities be wiped out due to the perception of evil, or perception of lack of respect, or because it was Tuesday (OK - I made that last one up, but it's god we're talking about here... what reason does god need?). However (and again with the Abrahamic version), I thought that after The Great Flood, god declares that it will not happen again. Well, it's god we are talking about again... and if god can place his son's picture in a grilled cheese sandwich (http://cheese-wire.com/index.html/2009/04/23/jesus-seen-in-cheese-sandwich/), I guess he can change his mind on smiting massive populations of innocent folks.

But we have still not answered WHY god would smite those groups. Of course, we are talking about god here.... The guy sent his own son down to earth to be brutally beaten, stoned, and killed AS A FREAKING PUBLIC RELATIONS MOVE! I don't know if trying to understand or figure out "why" is possible, if even desirable. Maybe if I watch more "Mad Men" I'll get a better grasp of the thought process behind "do whatever you want for PR."

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